We are a boutique publisher curating powerful stories - fiction and nonfiction.


Our intention is to connect and inspire readers and writers to expand their cultural knowledge of language and storytelling.

As an independent publisher working mostly with immigrant/bilingual authors, the focus on Latina/x women helps to amplify voices in a diverse community that strive to make a difference in the world.


We select a handful of authors each year and guide them through the whole manuscript process. From the conception of ideas to their copy editing, from the marketing plan until their work is ready for publication and distribution worldwide.

You can find our publications at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Village Well, and local bookstores. 

Let's Publish Together! 


Collecting Stories Throughout The AmericaS

We are a boutique company publishing books that want to inspire readers and writers alike, aiming at connecting the world through the power of Latinx storytelling​.

We are currently serving the AmericaS, which means we are curating stories from South, Central, and North America. Also, our team of new authors is composed of unique and strong women with a burning desire to change the world because they're following their bliss.


According to Joseph Campbell, we are all living a myth. We can be stuck in someone else's version of a story or we can change our lives and participate in the myth in our own way. telling about what we see from the world we currently live in.

Stories can have many sides. What's your side of the story?

What's New:

Half Love, Meta(de) Amor, by Ana Silvani, is our debut poetry book published in a bilingual edition (English-Portuguese). The book has been launched in the U.S. and in Brazil, and is already an Amazon bestseller.

Decoding The Flow, by Drica Lobo. The book is about her search for flow and its powerful energy as a way to improve her creative living. It's a personal journey of artistic mindfulness towards creative bliss.

Persuasion: how to pitch your ideas and own the room, by Maytê Carvalho. After selling over 20k copies in Brazil, the book is about to be released in the U.S. in its English Edition made by us. The book party will happen on August 19th, Friday, at Barnes & Noble The Grove.

Coming Soon:

The Bad Gay: confessions of a fake jock, a debut LGBTQ+ novel by Mike Muller.