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Ana Silvani

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Born in Chapecó, Santa Catarina, Ana Silvani is a Latin-American woman carrying her poetic heart with her while traveling the world. Graduating in Linguistics & Literature at 25 and working as a teacher and storyteller, Ana jumped into the multicultural universe of North-American adventures leading her to the US in 2006.

In her beginning, Ana was the stranger at the weird party of the world eventually developing and increasing the volume of her Brazilian silences over the beats of America’s cultural melting pot helping her origins gain a spotlight in the center stage.

Since then, she has been living in Los Angeles studying Film and Entertainment at UCLA while writing books and screenplays leading to the production of independent films.


Last year, her poem Internet was selected to be part of the book Poetize 2021. Now as the DJ of her own party, Ana fine tunes the linguistic and cultural atmosphere with her poetry book Half Love, Mata(de) Amor giving more life to this party of continued diversity.

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Maytê Carvalho

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Mayte Carvalho is a marketeer appearing as an entrepreneur on SharkTank and a winner of Brazil’s The Apprentice Special Edition resulting in her election by GQ magazine-Conde Nast- as one of Brazil’s six great female founders. Mayte is a best-selling author and professor currently serving as the Director of Business Strategy at TBWA\Chiat Day Los Angeles.


Mayte’s best-selling book Persuasion: How to Pitch Your Ideas and Win the Room (launched in Brazil) prepares the reader for challenges in communication and expression within the workplace along with personal relationships. With her social media presence of more than 60,000 Instagram followers, Persuasion has topped sales of that of Rich Dad, Poor Dad leading her to continue sharing ideas of Innovation and Communication via social media.


During International Women’s Month in 2021, her book’s success resulted in Amazon inviting Mayte to become the first female human voice for Alexa in Latin America as she read for mini-classes with the company.

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Laura Linn

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From childhood, Laura Linn loved to go to the movies. Like many youngsters, she dreamed of one day becoming a successful actor like the stars she followed on the big screen. She started to pursue her dream, first studying Filmmaking in Brazil, her country of birth, and then making her full transition to pursue acting, moving to the United States to study at UCLA and at the two-year conservatory program at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in New York City.


Years later, after a huge amount of hard work, Laura stands on the brink of success and recognition she has been striving for, having worked with award winning directors such as Oscar nominated Darrell Roodt, and having obtained her O1 visa as an actress, a temporary residency visa as an extraordinary talent. Laura has now achieved one of the biggest goals for foreign actors, her Green Card as an alien of extraordinary ability.


Her autobiographical book Into The Furnace is the story of how she followed, and finally began to live, her acting dream.

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Mariana Zucoli

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Mariana was born in the summer of 1981 in Londrina, Paraná - Brazil. She’d spent most of her life believing she was born to the right people at the wrong place. After years of therapy, a Hollywood-like escape to Hawaii (her home for 7 years), and dropping off Psychology and also Tourism & Hotel Management Schools, Mari came to terms that she not only had a place on Earth but also that was totally on her to make it a beautiful one. And it was at that tiny island on the Pacific Ocean, that she got to know who she was in pure essence, immersed in her inner ocean. In 2013, her journey back to the nest opened her up to face the remarkable changes she was about to experience.


In 2015, Mari met a guy who said yes to her craziest dreams. From that relationship Clarice was born, the sweetest and most wanted child. Since then, Mari went deep into the amazing and scary universe of motherhood. And from this experience, she found in writing a way to organize the mess within herself. Now, back to Psychology School and working hard to make her thoughts reach as many women as possible, she's one of the authors of our collection Letters To My Daugther.

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Drica Lobo

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Brazilian artist & author, based in Los Angeles. Drica's fascination with art began as a small child. But it wasn't until she moved to California that her art had a jump start. Her aesthetic began to shift, and she found her own ways to interpret the frequencies and the energy around us, enhancing a unique perspective in dynamic strokes, bold colors, and intricate textures. 

Drica currently lives and works in Hermosa Beach, Califórnia. Her art is included in public and private collections worldwide. 

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Adriana Depaoli

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Adriana was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She’s studied physiotherapy, and while working on her patient’s rehabilitation, loves listening to their stories. And from that kind of love, believing everyone has a story to tell, she turned into a person who is fascinated in getting to know other people’s true essence, their interesting ideas, and dreams. Adriana wants people to feel heard, and in an exchange of human experiences, she shares her advice and sweet thoughts about life and love showing that everything can be taken lightly, with a positive attitude.


As she improved her listening skills, her daughter played an important role in teaching her to be even more free and easygoing. Kids have a unique way to look at life, their pure heart has the power to comfort turmoiled hearts. Her daughter Isabella brings daily reminders of how simple and cool life can be. Adriana calls her “little sweet messenger.” Based on their unremarkable conversations about Isabella’s thoughts, the book New Girls – Isa adventures on Earth was born.