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WeBook Publishing collaborates with the group "Rise and Raise Others" and launches a book during SXSW

After an event at the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco, the launch also happened at one of today's most important festivals: SXSW

image of a 40-years-old woman holding a book with both hands.

March 13, 2024 – The new English edition of "Rise and Raise Others – Real Life Stories From Inspiring Women" was published by WeBook Publishing from Los Angeles, which aims to spread narratives of Latina women around the world and comes to expand further the reach of original stories about Brazilian female protagonism.

Upcoming book launch parties will promote the book in the USA, Europe, and Brazil. Almost a week after a ceremony at the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco, another launch event took place in Austin, Texas, during SXSW (South by Southwest), considered one of the world's most relevant festivals in innovation and new cultural trends. The launch was part of the Casa São Paulo programming.

In Austin, the event featured personalities who also contributed to the book, such as Maria Paula, actress and Peace Ambassador; Manzar Feres, Advertising Director of Globo and author; Hugh Forrest, co-president and chief programming officer of SXSW; and Natasha de Caiado Castro, CEO of Wish International Management Events, and founder of the "Rise and Raise Others" group.

Published by WeBook Publishing, founded and operated by Ana Silvani, originally from Chapecó, Brazil, the work gathers about 80 testimonies about the life and career of women who have become great references in their respective fields of activity. The edition also features special contributions from Oscar-Nominated Actress Fernanda Montenegro, author of the prologue, and other great references such as Lee Cockerell, former executive vice president of Walt Disney World® Resort, and Edu Lyra, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Gerando Falcões.

The book is now available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and soon at WeBook, Target, Walmart, and local bookstores.


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