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A bilingual book of poetry written in English and Portuguese acts as a portal into the divided worlds of the US and Brazil leaving the brain and heart halved. Half in English and Half in Portuguese, Half Love, Meta(de) Amor portrays the half love and half life of opportunities of lived experience in the duality of these worlds.


Expectations of what was thought of as bad-planned adventures are kept safe. Dreams, love stories gone wrong, and the pondering of life and death fill the words that flip the narrative creating a new language that attempts to accommodate this new place.


Within this collection of poetry, you find the six chapters of an immigrant's story that focus on life, love, loss and morality. Each chapter alternates between English and Portuguese and vice versa, depicting the journey of the author’s “voluntary exile” which opens the doors to new possibilities. And hope is always good new, right?


A bilingual life presents the crossroads of simultaneous translations of cultures, feelings, and voices melting together in a pot. The translations of the author herself tentatively place together cultural pieces of the collective consciousness of Latin-Americans with the well-known North American individuality adjusting the volumes of two languages just so the button in the middle is no longer the silence of interrupted noise.

Half Love, Metade Amor

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