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WeBook Author's Panel 2023 at Barnes & Noble The Grove

On the eve of the first possible hurricane to hit Los Angeles in over 80 years, it was another event that took the city by storm: the 2nd annual WeBook Publishing Author’s Panel at the Barnes and Noble The Grove. Once again, celebrating National Latina Day, the panel spotlighted two of WeBook’s latest authors, Suzana Pires and Michele Galluf, drawing an audience of over 100 people, including actresses Rachael Harris and Allison Janney.

The event was hosted by KTLA’s Vera Jimenez and not only featured details of their books, Suzana Pires’ “Unleashed, A Woman’s Guide to Uncover her Inner Power,” and Michele Galluf’s “The 69 Mistakes I’ve Made in Sex and Love,” but also how immigrating from Brazil affected their lives and views on the world.

The launch kicked off with an introduction by WeBook’s founder, Ana Silvani, where she told of the mission of her company. After writing her book, “Half Love, Meta(de) Amor” and not seeing a path to publication, it inspired her to start her own company, not only to publish herself but to give a voice to other women and Latina authors out there who have a story to tell. She stated that by working to change her reality, she has changed the perception of Latinas: "We are not just beautiful women, but we have beautiful minds too. We have beautiful brains.”

The panel concluded with a book signing, a beautiful cocktail table decorated by Deborah Liss and Drica Lobo, gift bags, and the exchanging of many ideas and stories. New book proposals are coming for 2024. The following sponsors made this celebration possible: t.PR agency, Santos Lloyd Law, Darcio Coiffeur Hair, Drica Lobo Art, HiBrazil Market, Novaes Jiu-Jitsu, Ferrarini Cafe, QCE Podcast, and Barnes & Noble The Grove. Forever grateful to you all.

“On Saturday, we showed the world Latinas are ready to live their truth and fully explore who they are,” says Ana.


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