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Book launch of "Rise and Raise Others" has its debut in the United States of America

The international premiere took place at the Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco, with the presence of the Consul-General and the Deputy Consul-General, on the eve of International Women's Day.

Pile of new books from "Rise and Raise Others"
New books: "Rise and Raise Others"

San Francisco, March 11, 2024 - The official English edition of "Rise and Raise Others – Real Life Stories from Inspiring Women" hits the international market, elevating the status of the group, which has been promoting female empowerment initiatives for over two years. The official premiere took place on March seventh (7th), at the Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco, California, at the invitation of Consul-General Ronaldo Costa Filho and Deputy Consul-General Eugênio Garcia.

The choice of San Francisco was not by accidental, nor was the book launch date. For decades, the city of California has been recognized for its activism and avant-garde in various social issues. Since 1950, when it became the center of American counterculture, through the 60s, when it was the birthplace of the hippie movement, and the 70s and 80s, with the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. As for the event date, on the eve of International Women's Day, it emphasizes the flag of gender equality promoted by the collective.

"I am very honored for the opportunity to host the launch event of this book and to endorse the support of the Foreign Ministry to the gender agenda, diversity, and strengthening of women's rights. For us, giving space to this important initiative at the Consulate General of San Francisco, a city that has always been notoriously recognized for its crucial role in promoting civil rights, women, and the LGBTQIA+ community, was also a very symbolic and significant gesture." - Consul-General Ronaldo Costa Filho.

The ceremony took place in the Bertha Lutz Room of the Consulate General, a space that pays homage to the Brazilian of the same name and her relevant contributions to women's rights at the San Francisco Conference in 1945 (TEL 150/2023). There, Natasha de Caiado Castro and Carla Righi shared with the guests about the group's creation process and the book's production by WeBook Publishing. Several authors also participated in the ceremony virtually, such as actress and Peace Ambassador Maria Paula, who also signs one of the stories.

"Launching a collective book of Brazilian women in English is highly auspicious! The world deserves to hear our stories. We are capable of so much boldness, resilience, kindness, strength, joy. The farther our message reaches the better. Despite a culture that tries to keep women full of restrictions, guilt, and fears (...) our freedom is being conquered and women all over the world can benefit from our example." - Maria Paula.

Published by WeBook Publishing, the work gathers 80+ testimonies about the lives and careers of women who, through their inspiring stories, have become great references in their respective fields of activity. In addition, the edition features unprecedented special participations, such as that of the renowned actress Fernanda Montenegro, author of the prologue, and other great references like Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World® Resort, Hugh Forrest, Co-founder and Chief Programming Officer of SXSW, and Edu Lyra, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Instituto Gerando Falcões.

"This is the third book we are releasing, and if we add up all the books already published, we put on paper over 114 truly inspiring stories. Our goal is to reach an ever larger audience and, therefore, an English version available internationally. With the new work, we hope to emphasize how everyone, readers and readers, can contribute to a fairer and more equal society, where female protagonism is not the exception." - Natasha de Caiado Castro, founder of "Uma Sobe e Puxa a Outra" and CEO of Wish International Management Events.

On Tuesday, March 12, the group will hold the second launch event, now in Austin, Texas, at "Casa São Paulo," a space created in partnership with the State Government to promote and internationalize the city of São Paulo during SXSW, one of the largest and most important innovation events in the world. The event will feature a conversation between Maria Paula and Hugh Forrest, as well as the presence of several authors, who will hold a book signing session.

The book is already available on the Amazon website, at Barnes & Noble, and soon also at WeBook, Target, and Walmart online stores.

*Final text and translation in this post were made by Ana Silvani, from WeBook.

Next Event:

Launch at SXSW

Date: March 12

Time: 3:30 p.m. (CST) / 6 p.m. (BRT)

Location: Casa São Paulo (SPXP) - The Sunset Room // 310 E 3RD ST • AUSTIN, TX 78701, USA.

Additional Information:

Rise and Raise Others – Real life stories from inspiring women.

Publisher: WeBook Publishing;

Editorial coordination: Natasha de Caiado Castro, Daniela De Luca, Luciana Palmeira Langer, Melissa Magnus, Vanessa Martin, Roberta Suplicy, and Maria Paula;

Cover Art: Nathalie Cartolano

Prologue: Fernanda Montenegro;

Foreword: Lee Cockerell;

Introduction: Natasha de Caiado Castro, Glaucimar Peticov, Manzar Feres, Maria Fernanda Demas, Edu Lyra;

Authors: Adriana Alcântara, Adriana Seixas, Alina Asiminei, Ana Cortat, Andréa Freire Hoppe Martins, Andréia Barbosa Santamaria, Andressa Martins, Ariane Santos, Camila Guardia Serrano, Carla Righi, Carol Tuttoilmondo, Carolina Dostal, Carolina Nucci, Chris Ayrosa, Cila Schulman, Cinara Cristina Bastos de Almeida, Claudia Colaferro, Claudia Furini, Cristiane Pereira Heal, Dani Mignani, Dani Restum, Daniela De Luca , Denise Barbosa, Dilma Campos, Duda Alcântara, Edna Vasselo Goldoni, Elena Crescia, Elisângela Peres, Ellen Kiss, Erlana Castro, Fabiana Freua Antacli, Fabiana Fragiácomo, Fátima Pissarra, Fernanda Mosaner, Flávia Caldeira, Francine Rosset, Gabriela Comazzetto, Gabriela Onofre, Heloisa Glad, Heloísa Santana, Jane de Freitas Mündel, Juliana Fiuza, Laís Macedo Ribeiro, Leila Sterenberg, Lívia Montemor, Luciana Pacheco, Luciana Palmeira Langer, Mabel Feres, Marcela Miranda, Margarida Yassuda, Maria Gal, Maria Paula, Mariana Ferraz de Toledo, Mariana Manieri, Mayte Carvalho, Mel Magnus, Monique Lima, Neivia Justa, Paula Braga, Renata Bindo, Roberta Suplicy, Rossana Sadir, Sandra Chemin, Sandra Montes, Silvana Abramovay, Silvia Tocci Masini, Simone Caggiano, Talita Zampieri, Thais Chede, Tonia Casarin, Vanessa Brandão, Vanessa Brasolin Aricó, Vanessa Gordilho, Vanessa Martin, Vanessa Mathias, Vanessa Simões, Virna Dias Piovesan e Viviane de Marco.

About the Group "Rise and Raise Others"

Created in 2022 with the intention of integrating and helping women who would be at the Cannes Creativity Festival, the group - initially made on WhatsApp with about 400 women - quickly consolidated when Natasha de Caiado Castro (Wish International Events Management), Daniela de Luca (Tuc Glasses), Heloisa Santana (AMPRO), and Glaucimar Peticov (HR Executive) realized the potential and strength of the network that had formed. Together, they structured the strategic fronts that would be worked on by the group. In the following months, the collective gained strength and support with projects addressing different themes such as personal development, career, and purpose to inclusion, diversity, and ESG.

From 2022 to 2024, several initiatives have put the collective in the spotlight and made it recognized as "one of the most powerful networking groups in the country," according to Forbes.

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