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WeBook celebrated new immigrant voices with an Author’s Panel in New York City

Updated: Mar 8

Photo credit: Fey Alves. From left to right: Andrea Iorio, Mayte Carvalho, Suzana Pires, Ana Silvani. Michele Galluf, Drica Lobo.

The Latina-founded publisher took its prestigious event to Barnes & Noble Tribeca

to celebrate immigrant authors

New York, September/2023 - WeBook Publishing, the Latina-founded indie publisher, brought its successful Author’s Panel to Barnes & Noble Tribeca in New York City to celebrate the launch of six books. The event featured Ana Silvani, author, producer, and founder of WeBook; Maytê Carvalho, winner of “The Apprentice Brazil - Special Edition;” Suzana Pires, award-winning Brazilian actress, executive producer, and entrepreneur; Michele Galluf, a Brazilian-born author and adventurer; Drica Lobo, painter and cover designer for WeBook; and Andrea Iorio, one of the most requested keynote speakers in Brazil on the topics of Digital Transformation, Leadership, AI and Web3.

The event followed the same format that drew in over 100 people to each previous edition in Los Angeles. The evening kicked off with Ana Silvani talking about the power of love and putting our hearts into everything we do because this will set us apart from the world of AI. She talked about her experiences as an immigrant while writing her bilingual poetry book Half Love, Metade Amor.

“It's truly exciting to witness our community expanding its horizons and taking a seat at the table, especially in the North American publishing market. This holds a special place in my heart because I've poured so much effort into creating this place, which I can now share and invite others to join,” Ana says.

Maytê Carvalho, winner of Brazil’s The Apprentice Special Edition, talked about her book Persuasion: how to pitch your ideas and own the room. Based on years of her experiences, this is a “handbook” to be consulted whenever the reader’s journey requires a moment of self-expression, personal clarity, and empowerment.

Suzana Pires presented her first book in English titled Unleashed: a woman’s guide to uncover her inner power, with a special Foreword by Sharon Stone. Alongside her foundation, her focus is neutralizing women’s three greatest pains through personal development: work overload, oppression, and loneliness.

Michele Galluf also took part with her debut book, The 69 Mistakes I’ve Made in Sex and Love, a plunge into a woman’s journey towards self-forgiveness and self-awareness, in which the author revisits the ups and downs of her dating scene in a new country.

Drica Lobo delved into the power of flow, art, and colors in healing herself mentally and physically. She shares the details of her book Decoding The Flow: optimize your creative power with unshakeable confidence.

Completing the panel was Andrea Iorio, with over a decade of experience with the Brazilian market, who emphasized the best ways that entrepreneurs, executives, and managers can transform their traditional businesses into the new digital age with his book Meta-leadership: the new leader’s skill set for the world of AI and Web3.

After the panel, all authors signed their books and were available for photo-op. Share yours with the hashtag #webookauthorspanel e #webookpublishing

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Photo credit: Fey Alves. From left to right: Drica Lobo, Michele Galluf, Ana Silvani, Suzana Pires, Andrea Iorio, Maytê Carvalho.


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