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Updated: May 26, 2022

Yes, we are blogging. I know, right!

- sorry, not sorry

What's New:

Half Love, Meta(de) Amor, by Ana Silvani, is our debut poetry book published in a bilingual edition (English-Portuguese). Publication is set for this month! Stay tuned!

Coming Soon:

Decoding The Flow, by Drica Lobo. The book is about her search for flow and its powerful energy as a way to improve her creative living. It's a personal journey of artistic mindfulness. The book will be available for pre-order in July!

Our collections New Girls and Letters to My Daughter were born with the idea of spreading stories about the dialogues between moms and their daughters, and moms' monologues of things they want to tell their girls about life, death, and love. We want to tell the world the stories being created inside of the hearts of this new generation of women and girls raised to have a voice of their own.

The books will be available for pre-order in October!


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