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When it comes to rendering services that can make you succeed as an author, WeBook remains one of the most reliable companies you can trust.


Our services have been grouped into various categories that will be highlighted and briefly explained below. 

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Copy Editing

Are you thinking about publishing your own book? Do you have a story to tell the world but don’t know how? There is no need to be worried because we are here to help at WeBook. We will handle all of the technicalities involved in the process of publishing your own book.


At WeBook, we make the entire process of book publishing look like a complete walk in the park. Our services in this regard include: 

  • Proofreading

  • Maintain the character's development 

  • Copy editing 

  • Book design 

  • And many more

         Starting at $120 ---------- Per 5,000 words

Writing Lab & Mentoring for Authors

Whether you are planning to write a fiction or nonfiction book, there is always one obvious fact to be remembered – it is such a daunting process. Many aspiring authors have given up on their dreams of successfully releasing books that could have touched lives.


Have you ever felt intimidated by the thought of putting your ideas together? Probably you are thinking such ideas are too complicated or mixed up. There is no need to rack your brains because WeBook is existing to help you out. 


We have editors who will give the best feedback on your book. We respect your ideas thus, rest assured that they will not be altered. We have qualities such as a passion for reading, attention to detail, listening carefully, and strong vocabulary skills.  

Some things you'll be learning:

  • Motivation: finding your why

  • Discipline: planning your routine

  • Drafting: what, why, and how

  • Outlining: learn how to use the WeBook mind map

  • Researching: get comfortable with the subject

  • Sticking to a routine: your writing habit

  • Revising and editing the second draft


  • 1 Month -------- $ 500 (online only)

  • 3 Months ------ $ 2,250 (online + 1 in-person meeting)

  • 6 Months ------ $ 4,000 (online + 4 in-person meetings in LA)



To be a successful author, your book has to reach its targeted audience. This is where effective marketing comes in.


The process is more of science than art and the competition among authors has become stiffer in recent times. WeBook can help to promote your books to the right people.


We adopt aggressive marketing strategies that will give your brand the right awareness. Some aspects we can help you with are: 

  • Promoting your books on social media platforms 

  • Getting reviews from customers

  • Creating the right content 

  • Book launch events

  • Campaign for news coverage

  • Podcast Interviews in LA

  • Author + book photoshoot

  • And more


With the right marketing strategies, your book is going to make lots of sales. At WeBook, we choose strategies based on the type of books you want to promote. Contact us for more details. ​

        Starting at $999

Your Package

  • manuscript mentorship (4-8 months)

  • translation (if needed)

  • copy editing

  • interior formatting

  • beta-reader commentary

  • final proofread

  • full cover design

  • Kindle eBook (become an Amazon bestseller)

  • ISBN & Library of Congress Catalog registrations

  • ready-to-print proof

  • book launch event + global distribution

  • marketing (design & copy for social media posts)

  • handling & shipping

      Kindly, send us an email for a customized offer

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