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New Book by Andrea Iorio


While humans evolve linearly, technology evolves exponentially. The current leadership style that has proven to be successful in business up to this point will no longer be an effective way of moving businesses forward in the years to come. Web3 concepts and technologies, including blockchain, tokens, DAOs, and metaverses, are gaining traction, and AI adoption is poised to grow roughly 40% per year over the next decade. While many leaders fear these technologies will make their role and their business obsolete, the reality is that delaying to adapt to and employ these technologies now will drive their business into the ground even faster. 


As a leader, you don’t necessarily need to become an expert on Web3 technologies and AI, no more than the CEO of a retail clothing company needs to know about sewing. However, you do need to develop a new skill set to become a meta-leader in this new phase of the Internet. The strength of a meta-leader is based on five skills: reperception, data sensemaking, cognitive flexibility, antifragility, and autonomous management. With these skills, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers will be able to transform their traditional businesses into the new digital age, and even startup founders will be able to keep up with the exponential curve of technology to succeed in their businesses.


This book will help you become the meta-leader your business needs to navigate through Web3 and AI. 

Meta-Leadership: The New Leader' Skill Set for the World of Ai and Web3

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